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By early 2019 I had, over the last 20 years, made my life in what I believe to be one of the best places in the world, at the foot of snow-capped mountains in the northeast of Victoria, Australia. Part of a small but close-knit community, surrounded by a huge natural adventure playground and a few short minutes walk from being immersed in the alpine wilderness. People travel here on holidays to go skiing, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, trail running, climbing, camping and plenty more. My partner and I had two beautiful young kids, stable, fun and exciting jobs… everything should have been just fine. Except it wasn’t.

I knew and had known for many years, that I could be doing so much better. The drinking that started out in my twenties as a bit of fun at parties and social catch-ups, hanging out with mates, had somehow turned into drinking pretty much every night. It never started out that way and I never decided it would be that way but it was and it took a surprising amount of effort to drink less. It was starting to show too. I felt tired, I could see bags under my eyes. I could caffeine my way out of feeling dusty in the mornings and exercise myself to some degree of fitness, but I knew my health wasn’t great. I knew that often I was irrational and shallow with my relationships with my family. I had goals and aspirations but my progress in them was pretty minimal.

I also knew that if I could control my drinking, everything would improve. I would feel great and proud of myself for taking time off from drinking, but before long I’d be back into the same old routine and nothing had really changed. Even worse was that I’d feel shame and guilt for not being able to control my actions.

Then I discovered This Naked Mind. I learned about the subconscious beliefs that were deeply ingrained in me. I learned how to change those beliefs so they represented truth, facts and reality rather than conditioning from our alcohol saturated society. The insights, knowledge, techniques and support provided allowed me to change how I felt about alcohol. Then, changing the way I behaved was so easy I could barely believe it. Since February 2019 I have had complete and effortless control over alcohol. My life has exploded into limitless potential. Finally, I could live my life with clarity, motivation, joy and focus. My relationships with friends and family have become more meaningful. I’ve become more present. My goals have become so much more in reach.

One of the first impulses that came to me was that I want to help other people discover how much better life can be when alcohol is totally insignificant in your life. When the constant internal dialogue around alcohol vanishes. When you become totally liberated from alcohol.

I have since built on my training background and become a Certified Coach with This Naked Mind, so I can empower people to start living the life they dream of and deserve.

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