What is coaching?

Coaching focuses on moving forward in the right direction. As a coach, I use a judgment and shame-free approach to expose the obstacles that stand in your way and guide you to move past them. In our society alcohol plays a large part in our lives, even as young children as we watch the world around us. The information and experiences we’ve gathered around alcohol affect our mood/emotions/feelings which affect our actions. Coaching will offer new knowledge to both your conscious and subconscious mind so your emotions change, allowing your actions to change. 

I provide an open, honest, judgment-free environment where we can address obstacles and enact positive behavioural change. As a This Naked Mind accredited coach, I use the same proven methods that have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world to change their habits around alcohol, including myself. I believe this can not only be done without ever feeling like you’re missing out, the experience can be the most enjoyable and liberating of your lifetime. Changing your habits is never required during my programs until you’re ready.

8 Weeks to Discover and Change

1:1 coaching program tailored to each individual. These include:

  • 8 x online face to face coaching sessions
  • Relevant books and other resources
  • Follow up emails
  • Worksheets
  • Email and text support with a 24 hr maximum response time